Domain has dropped to 1 yuan, CNNIC spoof who

        8 yuan from the previous CNNIC to rumors of 5 yuan to 1 yuan, today in the new network, and a number of domain name registrar has been disclosed, the domestic domain will tomorrow is reduced to $1. CNNIC, in order to CN domain name visibility, and the domain name from 3 years ago, 280, down to 1, CNNIC exactly what to do? What is the value of 1 yuan domain name? CNNIC has broken through the limits of the network, unlimited expansion. Domain name flooding. domain names are likely to come out, because it is 1 yuan. 1 yuan of domain name as free mail, similar free trap, waiting for you to fall into the trap, and then found out, you waste a lot of energy. What is the trap behind the

1? 60 next year you are to give up or renew, renew, to renew a year to spend 60 yuan, rather than a lifelong system, if you give up, a year of hard to do, has invested a year of emotional domain. It is difficult to give up.
  seemingly simple dollar, this time next year, there are probably millions of domain names have not expired. Let users waste millions.
one yuan and a direct result of the storm, the search engine may cause panic, as long as we have the domain name, just hang a waste site, estimates can go in search engine search engine increased resolution difficulty, but also to network jam.
cnnic has been adhering to the CN domain name must be registered, this system has been put in a way, some people have bad luck, fortunate, because people use personal registration, and the good domain name has been deleted, and now a lot of the yuan will be registered? A clear story of the emperor’s new clothes, CNNIC has been confused.

The survival of the evolution of or shopping guide website

introduction: shopping guide website profit model is single, what is worth buying too. Sui Guodong said that what is worth buying mainly from the independent advertising and sales conversion commission.


rely on electricity supplier and the health of the shopping guide site, although not stand in front of the electricity supplier star so dazzling, but also the industry to make money boring. Beautiful, said was forced to ban Taobao after the transition, the shopping guide website experienced what? In the mobile Internet and cross-border electricity supplier under the tide of shopping guide website is to Nirvana rebirth or

will flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum?

mode: drain money

has always been low-key, what is worth buying, this is also a high-profile. High-profile emboldened not only from the huge traffic, and find business with consumer trends to find new business growth are inseparable.

in five years for the first time held a press conference, what is worth buying founder Sui Guodong to show the public platform for the development process and business model. Founded in 2010, what is worth buying initially only a blog site, with the words of Sui Guodong, 300 people visit at the same time, the site will collapse". Five years later, what is worth buying has become a shopping guide, social, tools and other work in one platform. According to Alexa statistics show that what is worth buying global traffic ranking reached 262, China ranked the top thirty-eighth sites.

shopping guide website profit model is relatively simple, what is worth buying the same. Sui Guodong said that what is worth to buy the main income from independent advertising and sales conversion Commission, in addition to no other income. Although there is no detailed description of the company’s capital and profitability, but he said that the current site funds in good condition.

in terms of financing, Sui Guodong continued to maintain a sense of mystery. Beijing Chinese commercial news reporter learned that, what is worth buying has not exposed any financing information, in 2013, has revealed the $10 million A round of financing has been officially denied. In team building, Sui Guodong said, what is worth buying existing team members of about more than and 200 people, operations, technology, market share of 2:2:1.

People familiar with the Internet industry,

of the new office of what is worth buying CEO may not be strange, he is the former vice president of Jingdong intelligence group that xin. As to Research Institute believes that the operation of the company are needed by the occupation managers, as the Xin, indicates what is worth buying has entered the development track. In the eyes of the Xin, what is worth buying five anniversary as a milepost, this is the industry environment and the size of the team mature natural step. After the release of the new strategy, what is worth to buy from the construction of consumer decision-making tools, docking overseas brands, build data Bridge five aspects of strategic intent.

in the shopping guide website domain, the beauty said, and other platforms have transformation, and what is worth buying is toward the deep sea Amoy.

Western Digital

Western Digital

( was founded in December 2002; by the Sichuan Provincial Communications Authority, Sichuan Province Administration of industry and commerce, the Chengdu Municipal Local Taxation Bureau, IRS audit and approve the operation of the limited liability company, has the legal effect of the business license and the People’s Republic of China telecommunications and information services business license. The main business is to provide comprehensive Internet service to enterprises and individuals, the goal is to build a network platform service provider Chinese ahead, and to realize this objective the development of enterprise development strategies, sustainable, established network operators with rich experience in the modern enterprise team.

is suitable for different types of enterprises in different stages of development of the Internet, including Western digital domain name registration, hosting, enterprise post office, website, weapon system integration, complete network platform product line. Real time online domain name registration, virtual host, auto enterprise post office, website system and other international leading independent or proprietary technology, so that enterprises can build their own network platform with low cost, high efficiency and strong support, which greatly reduces the threshold of enterprise information.

The Western Digital

established a huge sales agent system in the country, through the sale of its own proprietary technology, the transferee to carry out regional network platform service in Western Digital technical standards, product quality situation, on one hand, the construction of small and medium-sized enterprise informatization popularization China positive role; on the other hand in the process of e-commerce, small and medium-sized enterprises China network is undoubtedly a great promotion.

Western Digital

Western Digital

a only more than two years of professional operation team, it provides " Shouwenfuze system; " " 24× " full redundancy; 7 customer service, a customer representative system, to ensure that the simple and friendly interface, so that customers at any time and any place can enjoy high-quality customer service. According to international practice, the Western Digital took the lead in the domestic launch of the " service quality agreement " (Service Level Agreement, SLA), laid the foundation for China’s Internet based service industry commitment to quality of service. The same.

Silicon Valley legend Entrepreneurial accelerator Y Combinator behind the scenes story


Randall Stross book "the launch pad" (Tencent technology plan)

Tencent Francisco (Qindao) Beijing on September 27th news, according to foreign media reports, venture accelerator Y Combinator has now become a Silicon Valley legend, it support start-ups and provide guidelines for its business. However, Y Combinator is able to expand its audience is still unknown.

this Thursday, Randall Stross (Randall Stross) will release his new book "the launch pad" (The Launch Pad), in reality from the perspective of the record for a period of three months of training entrepreneurial projects behind the story.

Stross is a columnist for the New York Times, before he published a book about the Silicon Valley and the Internet bubble era book "the godfather of Silicon Valley" (eBoys).

Follow up

Stross 2011 Y Combinator summer class hatching course, from 64 companies for the interview, accept from the top the $150 thousand venture investment and business strategy in Demo Day decision to the final graduation results show, he was across the track.

Y Combinator Paul – (Paul Graham) for the evaluation of this book is quite accurate."

Graham’s comments on the book can be summarized as "I think it’s interesting for the reader to read the book.". In my opinion, this book is interesting from the three points, first, it is the first hand data is written based on the second, this is a new topic, for most people in third, it has broader implications."

, the launch of the book, did not reveal too many surprising secrets, some of the various strategies for start-ups, for those who want to start a business is very practical.

this is the telephone interview of Stross, the author of the book, following the Y Combinator accelerator project through the entire process, using different view shows a witness’s thought.

asked: do you think Y Combinator the story behind the scenes have broader applicability? "Vanity Fair" is a selection of the book chapters, and titled "who wants to be a millionaire", this is a very inspirational, also can widely attract audience title. The potential for startups is in the form of economic power, and I want to know, is that what you want to convey to the public,


Stross: I don’t think the founders who took part in the YC program really started to become billionaires. It’s just "Vanity Fair>"

Internet giants compete for fresh cold chain distribution into a stumbling block

Xinjiang small apricot, northeast of Chagan Lake, Chile cherries, Australia snowflake beef…… Inadvertently, from the distant regions and countries of the fresh food has almost become citizens with extreme ease delicious tongue. In SOHO, Ms. Stone work has developed from time to time online shopping habits, on her computer favorites, easy fruit fresh, fresh Tootoo, Jingdong and other fresh business platform is her favorite, while at noon leisure time order, the evening of the second day, sharing order will end on the table the whole family delicacy.

with Amazon recently officially launched a new pattern of Museum of fresh, fresh electricity supplier in the field has been the Internet giant and vertical electric gezonglianheng collective force. Following the end of last year, Alibaba investment easy fruit network, this year, Jingdong also announced a $70 million investment in orchard every day. Hot fresh electricity supplier, won the favor of consumers at the same time, but also become the battleground of the capital competition.

a new round of fighting the inevitable

Ms. Shi

home to a fresh blueberry love, mainly because the children love to eat, and has always been fresh fruit from easy to buy. "Often engage in activities, cheap, fresh, fruit big," Ms. Shi summed up their experience of blueberry online shopping.

this time, Ms. Stone is full of expectations for the Amazon fresh museum. She said: "it is not a fruit at home, hot, you can see whether there is a discount, buy a baby to eat." But Ms. Stone did not find the desired product, frustrated. She called Amazon customer service, the other’s reply is fresh shop just opened, the product is not very rich".

although Amazon started in fresh areas, but industry experts are optimistic about the team just entering the giants. Hong Tao, director of the Institute of business economics, Beijing Technology and Business University, said: Amazon is doing cross-border e-commerce, domestic fresh electricity supplier has a strong reference value, will play a catfish effect."

fresh, was not optimistic about the electricity supplier in the field, the second half of 2012 began to get more and more enterprise investment and favor. According to statistics, China’s fresh market size of nearly trillion yuan, the current penetration rate is less than 1%, however, each upgrade will be tens of billions of dollars in the market size of 1%. It is because of such a broad market prospects, large and small electricity providers have set foot in. Now, the electricity supplier of fresh fruit net to blossom everywhere, vertical, SF preferred fresh electricity supplier logistics, Jingdong sent fresh channels and other electricity providers giant each corner of the market, has not been born with a "fresh giant", which also determines the next period of time the competition will be very fierce.

Zhang Xiaodong, vice president of Beijing Jiaotong University, Portage College, said: People’s demand for high-end food is rising rapidly, e-commerce is an inevitable trend into fresh."

cold chain distribution need to turn Mount Everest

in fresh areas, there is a problem, regardless of company size, are not around the past, that is the cold chain logistics, it is the international logistics industry known as the "Mount Everest area". Public opinion asserts that "fresh fighting, who won the" logistics.

Jingdong shield micro-blog, Choi Fu Tong, started the domestic electricity supplier ecological battl

A5 web review: micro-blog and Sina Jingdong shield Tencent’s wealth, for what? Jingdong suspended with sina micro-blog cooperation, will cause the loss? What is the next Jingdong to take steps to


Jingdong why give up cooperation with micro-blog


, according to Jingdong, Jingdong and Sina micro-blog cooperation is about to expire, then, in the Jingdong website will not be able to log in through Sina micro-blog account.

Jingdong official on the move is intended to use Sina micro-blog user login Jingdong in convenient, in the future can be more direct contact with the Jingdong, the Jingdong is also actively at the same time performance and user interaction aspects. An unnamed Jingdong insiders said that the use of sina micro-blog account login Jingdong users, accounting for only a few thousandths of the proportion of all users logged in Jingdong. Even suspend cooperation with sina micro-blog, Jingdong will not cause much damage. According to data released by Jingdong, as of April this year, the number of registered users has exceeded 100 million users.

however, Jingdong and micro-blog to suspend cooperation in the future, whether it is said only to strengthen the interaction with the platform of


Jingdong who told reporters that the integrity of user information, for Jingdong’s big data development, with more meaning.

in April last year, Jingdong has dug up a huge cloud original CEO he just responsible for the cloud platform business. Currently, Jingdong cloud platform team has reached 3000 people.

he just told reporters that Jingdong to build a cloud platform is the basis of the construction of the ecological system Jingdong. At the beginning of this year, Liu Qiangdong has established a Jingdong in the four strategic platform of electronic business platform, logistics platform, technology platform, financial data platform, Jingdong and cloud platform, will provide basic technical support for the four strategic platform.


just said, the Jingdong cloud platform is now entering the second stage. Prior to the first phase of 2008~2012, mainly to complete the discussion of cloud computing business model and the cultivation of the market. The second stage is from 2013 after the start of the five years, the main form of ecological construction and business model.

in this, Jingdong has three steps to go. First, all kinds of business resources within a Jingdong "cloud"; two, "opening up the electricity supplier resources cloud", a business ecosystem; the third step is to integrate multiple external business resources, providing cloud services to the whole industry. Currently, the first step has been completed, the second step in progress, the third step is still planning. In the second step in the construction of the electricity supplier ecosystem, the complete user account system (ID), as well as payment, are essential.

in addition to the above strategic development of its own Jingdong, Jingdong also has a strategic defense of the Alibaba to consider. In April this year, Alibaba has a strategic stake in Sina, Taobao and micro-blog and Sina in the information, account system to get through. This regards Alibaba as a strategic competition

Taobao shop customer service wages

it is understood that a lot of Taobao shops are beginning to recruit in major institutions, mainly customer service. From the recruitment of personnel, with shops open wider, now the customer service is no longer just need to sit in front of the computer keyboard, has developed into a variety of segmentation tasks, such as store promotion, customer service and follow-up service, and according to different division, salaries also has a larger the difference.

a Taobao owner at the scene of the interview, said he was mainly focused on customer service capabilities and reception capacity. In addition to the requirements of typing speed and so on the traditional requirements, but also need to investigate the ability to respond to the spot, because the customer can not only recover the flexibility of the loss, but also to bring more orders to the store.

With the increase of

store credit, sales have greatly improved, customer reception and so on, ready to supply more and more complex, so many shops from 1 people before the store, has now developed to a sales team, customer service team advertising team, strict division of labor, as if a company. Customer service is also in line with this development, the development of a number of categories.

There were also large differences in

service remuneration according to the different types of jobs, such as sales customer service will get the corresponding Commission, director to promote customer service will be according to the advertising effect there is a corresponding Commission, customer service customer service and customer satisfaction to be directly linked, if a customer complaint, also will be charged.

Author: TBW Taobao (URL: Reprint please indicate the source.

Marketing breakthrough is the key to B2C online sales to leap

seven fairies fresh net, colorful, fashion, ceremony and other brands have launched online mall marketing, regardless of its sales revenue and operating profit of the enterprise e-commerce application is concerned, is undoubtedly a very obvious progress and breakthrough. To break the traditional distributors and stores network pattern, cut to long channel terminal consumers, the first time to grasp the terminal information and demand, maximize shorten the cash collection cycle, in B2C applications, it is no longer a problem, is a very obvious effect on improving enterprise management.

but to make enterprises more e-commerce applications, B2C as with traditional channels as the important things to do, but also need more mature conditions, such as electronic business awareness, logistics support, the number of consumers online shopping and marketing promotion and marketing, especially the problem of the online store, if you can not achieve compared with the traditional supermarkets, stores, stores advantage promotion more powerful, to further realize the leap is more difficult, this advantage including various marketing costs, marketing strategy, channels etc..

things online, online solution is the most convenient. B2C promotion can adopt the traditional repertoire, and digital marketing but also help to improve the traffic and sales conversion rate, with the help of network news and network events, network advertisement, network marketing activities and strategies, with the network media, Internet and other channels, from awareness and improve access to both the amount of shaping the Mall mall, more to realize the transformation from high promotion information dissemination to the audience to access the mall rate, and thus stimulate visitors buying interest, resulting in an online shopping destination preference among consumers. If the audience analysis and target shopping groups in place, the strategy of creative enough, in the marketing cost can be controlled in a very low range.

of course, the promotion of digital marketing, in addition to strong creative resources, full path, execution is in place determines the success or failure of marketing, if not continuous to launch a marketing campaign, the B2C road will become extremely long, may eventually lose the line originally very weak confidence.

LVMH group lost treasure is unable to make improvements

Spring Festival before the group treasure network was broken capital chain, each group of people have to discuss the group treasure. February 7th Groupon finally returned to work, employees, businesses have containment Groupon headquarters for salary and. After half a month after the public Crusade, Groupon lost and unable to make improvements. The plight of the group’s treasure marks a large group buying site is about to start shuffling.


Groupon has now

February 6th, mission treasure network CEO Ren Chunlei Sina micro-blog said, after the collective efforts of all shareholders, the parties are coming into the account, with immediate effect from the beginning of the issuance of checks." Then in the early morning of February 7th, is located in Beijing, The Union Buildings, 19 floor headquarters will gather a large number of employees and business partners to come back to recover their wages and payment of goods in Chaoyang District.

Groupon serious domestic trouble and foreign invasion, since the second half of 2011 employees, not turnover also gradually by turnover. In the staff wages cannot be issued in a timely manner and employee bonus became impossible when complaining employees continue to increase, the company has lost cohesion.

most businesses in that Groupon’s situation, have terminated with Groupon cooperation, and arrears to Groupon for cooperation. There is no cooperation business is not the source, there is no supply and how consumers, consumers, how can the company survive.

for Groupon is more deadly before many consumers buy online coupons in Groupon now has not been cooperative businesses recognize that consumers can not consumption, and to apply for a refund and Groupon unattended, resulting in consumers for Groupon great anger. In the group is busy with employees and businesses to ignore the response to consumers, if consumers are not satisfied with your business, then your business will be difficult to survive. In February 6th, the group is still selling a network of businesses have been terminated cooperation buy products, which means there is a fraud.

now Groupon has deeply hurt the company’s employees, business cooperation, three party consumer groups, this is the most important of the three party group, Groupon lost now. Push everyone down the wall in the market competition, Groupon also can back? Said Ren Chunlei launched a new service, there will be many new new? Maybe just an empty talk.

new services for new funds only for the people

Ren Chunlei said on micro-blog, the group will provide consumers with a series of brand new consumer service." The new service group purchase will be what kind of? If Groupon has a good way of group purchase why not to use? The money after it said to launch a new group purchase service, is said to be in the company when the plight of insight, to come up with a good group purchase mode? There are a lot of people give advice and suggestions group purchase service however, real utility is not a few, are basically small details neither painful nor itching. The industry has been advocating O2O model, there is still a long way to go to achieve, the group will launch a new network of Bao Bao Service >

PC is dead! Taobao announced the imminent closure of the PC end

[editor’s note] now, the old ship can no longer sail far away, and the new ship is sailing." The afternoon of December 12th, Taobao Master published an article entitled "no matter how brilliant history, now have to say" goodbye "" article, decided in December 26, 2016 Taobao PC Master line terminal site (, Master personal PC sites will also be offline.


Master is the third party shopping guide platform of Taobao, the current product entrance including "good goods", "Taobao headlines" and "Master Amoy", "red circle", "etc.. When people get involved in the activities of Taobao to attract fans to pay attention to their dynamics, businesses use the fan effect to promote their products.


According to the Taobao

Master post, 2011, Taobao Master started from Taobao Application Center began to encourage buyers, Master share their shopping experience to consumers in 2014; Taobao Master open wireless process; in 2016, Taobao Master from the PC to the mobile terminal transfer.

below is the PC end of the article published by Taobao Daren

you guys:


review Master development process, from the Taobao application center of buyers in 2011 we started, Master began to encourage to share their shopping experience to consumers; with the rapid development of wireless Internet, 2014 Taobao Master open wireless process, seize the opportunity;

2016 all Master and industry, businesses build Ali wireless content ecosystem, build Taobao headlines, good goods, love shopping, consumers will buy list, industry market, Taobao live, daily good shops and other favorite wireless content scene, realized from PC to mobile gorgeous.

Taobao PC end of the people to complete the mission of history, has come to say goodbye to the time of the end of the Taobao PC.

platform decision, Taobao Daren PC end site ( will be off the assembly line in December 26, 2016, while people’s personal PC site at the same time offline.

PC, goodbye!

we are convinced that the farewell PC is just a starting point for Taobao, we will take off in the broader mobile terminal market!

Taobao Daren platform

December 12, 2016